Make a Blog Entry or Make Pizza? Hmmm…

Guess you can tell by the length of this post what the decision was.

A: make pizza

About Pizza Dan

I'm all about the simple step-by-step pizza-making instructions, pizza recipes, and pizza equipment you need to make extraordinary pizza in your own kitchen. I give you tons of solid, doable advice on my pizza-making website, and on my pizza-making blog,
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2 Responses to Make a Blog Entry or Make Pizza? Hmmm…

  1. Pizza Dan says:

    I like it. Of course, if you don’t insist on a round pizza, you can get more pizza on your peel and stone.

  2. Curtis Ide says:

    Another option is to use your favorite sized pizza pan to make a mark on your pizza peel of the maximum size pizza you want to make. Place the pan centered on the peel then trace around it with a stylus or ball-point pen to make an indented line in the wood.

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