Even Easier Pizza Dough


making mushroom pizza

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  1. Nico says:

    This might be the perfect situloon for my Friday dinner dilemma. What more divine pairing is there than Mushrooms and Pizza??? I usually make my own dough as well, because it is such a quick fix. To liven thing up though, I always add basil (or you could use some rosemary since the recipe for the topping includes rosemary) and grated cheese, as well as dried minced garlic and minced onions to the dough. Thanks for revisiting this dish.

  2. Pizza Dan says:

    Your pizza sounds healthy, Soklin. If your boys like basil, I’ll soon post about how to keep basil “fresh” for years.

  3. Soklin says:

    Yes, we were on the same wave lgnteh but I’m pretty sure yours was a “healthier wave”! I do like a white pizza on real pizza crust ~ olive oil and veggies and no cheese.Also, I prefer pasta sauce over pizza sauce. The brand I often buy is Classico tomatoe and basil. My boys won’t eat mushrooms, olives, spinach…so the classic sauce suits them better. Seasoning: McCormick’s Italian seasoning “classic herb.”

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