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I'm all about the simple step-by-step pizza-making instructions, pizza recipes, and pizza equipment you need to make extraordinary pizza in your own kitchen. I give you tons of solid, doable advice on my pizza-making website, and on my pizza-making blog,

Pizza-Making Speed Record Challenge

  This guy is trying to keep pizza in the fast food category. It’s a stretch. Especially if the dough isn’t in the mood.  NY man hopes to break world record for fastest pizzas ever made Wall Street Journal “NEW … Continue reading

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Pizza-Making Democracy

A careful look at last night’s pizza reveals democracy in action.  Who says you can’t please everyone? –This pizza says ‘Yes you can!’ The Polls Have Closed and Final Pizza-Making Results Are Now In: After lengthy negotiations and subtle pressure … Continue reading

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Pizza Rocker Knife Video

Click on this link to see why you want a rocking knife for your pizzas.

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Make Pizza Dough with a Stand Mixer: Watch the Video

Watch this Video of Making Pizza Dough with a Stand Mixer. Let me show you how to make a big batch of pizza dough in a few minutes. This is a pizza making breakthrough: Click here to go to the … Continue reading

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How to Make Pizza Dough at Home by Hand: The Video

In a previous post I showed you how to make pizza dough by hand. That post features pictures, measurements, and detailed instructions. But there’s nothing quite like watching somebody actually make the dough right in front of you. Even if … Continue reading

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Slice 10% Off your Pizza Tools Through December 16th

We wish you all a great holiday –with a reminder that making pizza can be part of the celebration. How to Save 10% Just use the code seasons in checkout and save 10 percent off all your items through December … Continue reading

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Grilled Pizza on your Bbq with No Flipping, Flaming or Flopping

You want to make pizza on your outdoor grill or barbecue so you don’t have to heat up your house on a hot day. You also like that smoky, savory difference you’ve tasted in outdoor pizza. You could just throw … Continue reading

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A hot pizza stone, some extra pizza dough, and a lonely anchovy spell pizza mischief.

As I stretched out the pizza dough for my large mushroom pizza, it pulled inches beyond my wooden peel, and I realized I had some dough to play with. Even when I’m making one pizza, I use two pizza stones … Continue reading

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Simply Fabulous Fresh Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipe

I call this wonderful pizza sauce recipe ‘Fresh’ because it has a lighter, brighter flavor than pre-made, store-bought sauces or long-simmered sauces (which can be wonderful in their own right). I say ‘Simply’ because it requires very few ingredients or … Continue reading

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Focaccia New Year!

A Flatbread Tradition That Never Falls Flat My good neighbors and friends Russ and Terez always bring a freshly baked focaccia on New Year’s.  It’s a fine tradition as far as my family and I are concerned. Russ is also … Continue reading

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